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Learn the Language of Business

On a world-famous island such as Cape Breton, our economy works when smart financial decisions are made that impact lives every day. That’s why we take extra care to dedicate ourselves to excellence in accounting that meets the IFRS global standard in accounting business.

Accounting is much more than numbers. Global business and government departments are constantly in need of high-quality, dedicated employees with a thorough understanding of financial management, and current generally accepted accounting principles and best practices.

Commonly referred to as the language of business, accounting serves as the basis for financial decision making. Accounting is a dynamic, creative and interesting subject, and is the process of gathering, recording, interpreting and analyzing financial information.

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Why study at CBU?

Through a major in accounting at CBU, we prepare you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in one of the fastest growing professions with continued high demand.

At CBU, this program truly gives you an education you can count on. An accounting major at CBU can open doors to numerous opportunities and steady career advancements. Graduates can enter into professional accounting programs to receive designations like Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and Aboriginal Financial Officer Association (AFOA) with maximum exemptions.

Students are well equipped to enter middle management accounting positions in small to medium-size firms, non-profit agencies or government. Studying accounting also provides students with a skill set that is ideal for entrepreneurship.

What skills will I gain from this program?

  • Gain an understanding of global accounting practices and skills.
  • Develop an international perspective.
  • Learn current business practices.
  • Develop decision-making skills.

Possible Career Paths

  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)
  • Aboriginal Financial Officer Association (AFOA)
  • Financial planning and insurance
  • Government accounting
  • Investing
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Admission Requirements

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General Requirements for High School Graduates

  • See CBU’s English Language Requirements here.
  • English 12 (academic or advanced)
  • Math 12 (academic or advanced)
  • 3 additional grade 12 academic or advanced level courses

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Transfer Student Requirements

  • In order to transfer to CBU you must be in good academic standing at your current/previous institution.
  • You must meet the general admissions requirements (or the post-secondary equivalent) for the program, found under the Canadian or International tabs of this tool.
  • To see if your institution is an articulation partner, please view our articulation agreements page.
  • Please email us if you have specific questions about admission requirements and transferring to CBU:

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