#1 Island in North America

Cape Breton Island is consistently ranked by travel media as one of the best islands in Canada, in North America and in the world. Its breathtaking and dramatic coastal landscape is the perfect backdrop for a world class touring destination and its friendly people and safe, welcoming environment come together to make it a destination of choice for travellers from near and far.

Sydney Downtown WaterfrontThe economy of Cape Breton is heavily dependent on the employment and revenue generated by the tourism sector. In 2016, the tourism sector in Cape Breton reported 5,675 employees representing 10.56% of the total employment on the Island which almost exactly mirrors the percentage of the Canadian labour force (Statistics Canada, 2016 Census). The Province of Nova Scotia estimates the annual value of the sector on Cape Breton Island in 2017 as $330,000,000 with provincial tourism receipts approximately $2.5 billion (DCBA, 2020). Tourism in this context includes food and beverage, accommodation, transportation, recreation, and entertainment sectors. Cape Breton University has recognized the important economic role tourism plays in Cape Breton and works to support and strengthen the industry.

Industry influencers include the Island’s Destination Marketing Organization, Destination Cape Breton Association, Parks Canada, federal, provincial, municipal, and Indigenous governments and hundreds of private sector operators. Cape Breton University engages these sector players in established Memorandums of Understanding, research collaborations, training projects, and job fairs and work terms for students.