Research Chairs

Research Chairs – Cape Breton University demonstrates an earnest commitment to community collaborations via our current and past research chairs. Those with tourism and hospitality interactions and impact include:

  • Kevin McKague, Canada Research Chair in Social Enterprise and Inclusive Markets
  • Heather Sparling, Canada Research Chair in Musical Traditions
  • Mary Beth Doucette, Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies
  • Bruce G. Hatcher, Cape Breton University Chair in Marine Ecosystem Research
  • Graham Reynolds, Viola Desmond Chair in Social Justice


  • Marcia Ostashewski, Canada Research Chair in Communities and Cultures
  • Keith G. Brown, Purdy Crawford Chair in Aboriginal Business Studies
  • Richard MacKinnon, Canada Research Chair in Intangible Culture

From our thriving culturally diverse campus, faculty encourage and help facilitate local volunteer opportunities and participation in a variety of campus and community engagements for all tourism-related research. Students appreciate the interaction and experience as well as the chance to hone their hospitality skills and enhance their resumes.