Unama’ki College Scholarships & Bursaries

Irving Shipbuilding Awards:

  • 5 x $5,000 bursaries
  • Students must be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies in the following fields: i) sustainable energy and the environment, ii) business, or iii) Indigenous Studies; 70% average. Bursaries awarded on financial need

Joyce Foundation Bursaries:

  • 1 x $5,000 bursary
  • Entering CBU directly from high school, but will consider 21 years of age and younger
  • Must be enrolled in undergrad degree or diploma in Shannon School of Business
  • Must be registered as Full-Time
  • Must demonstrate financial need

Aboriginal Business Award:

  • 1 x $1,500 scholarship
  • Must be enrolled in a program in the Shannon School of Business
  • Must have a minimum 70% average on the most recent evaluations (2023 Winter semester)

Jack Hartery Memorial Awards:

  • 6 x $1,000 bursaries
  • Must be registered in 30 credits over Fall and Winter semesters
  • Must have no failures
  • Bursaries awarded on financial need

AECOM Canada Ltd. – CBCL Awards:

  • 2 x $1,000 bursaries
  • Must be returning to full or part-time studies
  • Preference given to students registered in the BASE or BENG programs, but BACS students will also be considered
  • Awarded based on financial need

Rose Nolan Memorial Scholarship

  • 1 x $5,000 scholarship
  • Must have completed one year of full-time studies at Cape Breton University or another post-secondary educational or training institute.
  • Must be registered as a full-time student in an Undergraduate degree program or the Shannon School of Business, MBA in Community Economic Development at Cape Breton University
  • The application must include: a recent letter of reference (academic); a recent letter of reference (community); copy of status card; and a one-page essay describing your achievements, career plans, and community involvement

Indigenous Education Award

  • 1 x $500 bursary
  • Must be registered full-time (minimum 9 credits in Fall and 9 credits in Winter)
  • Awarded based on financial need

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