Internal Research Grants

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS), through the Research Assistance Committee of Senate (RAC), awards internal grants to support various forms of research and scholarly activity. This includes the administration and award of two internal research grants, the SURG and RISE Grants.

Start-Up Research Grant (SURG)

Tenure-track faculty (CBUFA) are invited to apply for this grant to secure up to $10,000 in research funding to be used during their first two years at CBU. Applications are made to ORGS (send to For more information on this process, visit MyCBU intranet.

Research Innovation Scholarship Exploration (RISE)

RISE grants provide up to $8000 for CBU researchers who are members of the faculty unions at CBU (CBUFA or NSGEU). RISE is intended for new, self-contained research projects that can be completed within one year of the funding. The winter competition is held in February. In some years, a fall competition may also be offered. Complete guidelines and instructions for RISE are available on MyCBU intranet.