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Communities & Healthy Aging

On Thursday, January 25, 2024, the Public Health Agency of Canada presented Cape Breton University with nearly $1 million to fund actions in support of healthy aging. The funding will allow CBU to explore opportunities and impacts of community programs that challenge the modifiable risks of dementia.

Programs will be offered in five Cape Breton communities, customized to the unique nature of rural and semi-rural communities, culturally and geographically, with input of local community members. This may include music, art, nutrition, exercise and social activities, all recognized as supporting healthy aging, and in particular, brain health. Check back for updates soon!

Here’s the announcement provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada:

Dementia Community Investment: Government of Canada funds Community-based Dementia Programs – Canada.ca


Better With Age: Whitney Pier

A wonderful opportunity to participate in free community programming in Whitney Pier!

For more information, contact Community Collaborator, Rayanne Rogers, at 902-574-8901 or, at Rayanne_Rogers@cbu.ca 

Health Research Conference at CBU

We’re planning a Health Research Conference for Fall 2024. Details to follow.



The Centre of Excellence for Healthy Aging is working with the Canadian Consortium on Neurodegeneration in Aging (CCNA) as a partner in a national study designed to reduce risk factors for dementia by examining the impact of prevention. CCNA is the premier hub for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia research in Canada and a global leader in research on all aspects of neurodegenerative diseases from prevention to treatment to improving the quality of life of those living with the disease.

This study is targeting people aged 60-85 from across Canada, offering the opportunity to increase their knowledge of dementia, improve lifestyle risk factors and engage with researchers. This research is part of the Canadian Therapeutic Platform Trial for Multidomain Interventions to Prevent Dementia, or CANTHUMBS-UP. It will examine interventions that focus on modifiable risks that are attached to seven domains associated with brain health.

The Seven Domains of Brain Health

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Cognitively Stimulating Activities
  3. Diet
  4. Sleep
  5. Social and Psychological Health
  6. Vascular Health
  7. Vision and Hearing

The research will engage participants in an online program, Brain Health PRO (BHPro), which offers interactive digital educational modules to empower older adults to improve their physical and mental health, and modify their risk factors for dementia.

CEHA is one of six research sites across Canada working with CCNA on this research and will engage with participants in both Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

To learn more about this project and register to participate, visit: CANTHUMBS-UP.