Research Commercialization

Make your project work for you

To learn more contact Sarah Conrod, Manager of Industry Partnerships & Research Commercialization

Regardless of what you’re working on, research requires funding. Often the financial support you need is available through research commercialization and external partnerships, but to access it, you need the right connections and an understanding of all available options. That’s where we come in.

For organizations

At CBU, we support companies by:
• assisting with start-ups and established business development
• facilitating partnerships
• assisting with securing funding
• developing contracts
• developing commercialization plans for collaborative projects
• working with the team to determine opportunities as the project develops

For faculty

If you’re a faculty member, we can help you by recognizing unique mobilization potential in your research. Once we’ve identified that potential, we’ll work with you to attract collaborative research funds, develop contract research and explore licensing of your university-based technologies. Some of the assistance that you can access includes:

• providing support as new and established partnerships move forward
• facilitating industry introductions and connections
• identifying funding for the continued development of emerging technologies, new processes and research projects
• developing a collaboration pathway that includes various funding, development and commercial outcomes and a commercialization plan once prototypes are developed
• assisting with commercialization of research including licensing or royalty sharing agreements
• assisting with industry collaboration and commercial research proposals
• assisting with finding commercial partners for further technology development or licensing
• accessing funding which assists in intellectual property protection and commercialization of jointly developed technologies
• assisting with contracts between CBU researchers, other universities and external commercial partners
• drafting of various IP documents