Students Employing Students: Sharing Success Through Entrepreneurial Spirit – Daniel Reid

Cape Breton, NS

Daniel Reid, a third-year Bachelor of Science student at CBU, is no stranger to hard work. In fact, it’s his dedication to hard work that has recently made him the owner of a Student Works Painting franchise here in Cape Breton.

Born and raised in Sydney River, Daniel developed an interest in painting over the summer of 2017 while he was an employee of Student Works Painting. After demonstrating his commitment to top-notch work, Daniel was quickly named Chief Painter of the local franchise. Now, a year later, the national CEO of Student Works Painting has hired Daniel as the owner/franchisee of Cape Breton’s chapter.
“After getting the offer, I flew to Toronto for a three-day training seminar on running and operating your own Student Works franchise. I received training on paint technology, sales tactics, marketing, scheduling, payroll procedures and the overall production of paint jobs,” says Daniel.
After returning home, Daniel hit the pavement, going door-to-door across Cape Breton in an effort to spark an interest in his business. “People loved the initiative and I began booking estimates by the boatload,” says Daniel.
Daniel’s business has flourished in recent months, with sixty jobs booked this summer and six figures in projected sales. He currently employs five other CBU students, as well as two NSCC students and his team paints and stains home improvement projects from siding and windows, to eaves, deck floors, railings and more.
When asked about the importance of hiring other students, Daniel referenced the vision shared by his team. “We have the same goal in mind. We need to work hard throughout the entire summer in order to pay for our education, and having that shared goal makes for a great work ethic. The similarities within the group has formed a great workplace environment, and makes every work day that much better,” says Daniel.
Although he is currently enrolled in the BSc program at CBU, Daniel says the Bachelor of Business Administration Program has been catching his eye lately. ”I have certainly thought about it. A lot of my clients tell me I should be in business, and that I am crazy not to be. I am definitely pondering a switch in programs,” says Daniel.
No matter what degree Daniel chooses to pursue, we know that his work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit will serve him well. We’re very #CBUProud that you’re part of the CBU family, Daniel.
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