Shanna Campbell – From California to Cape Breton

Cape Breton, NS

Bachelor of Arts student Shanna Campbell has always loved the thought of getting on a plane and travelling to a place very different from her home in Los Angeles, California. Thanks to a study abroad partnership between Cape Breton University and California State University, Northridge (CSUN) where Shanna is enrolled, she was able to do just that.
Though there were other universities to choose from, CBU quickly stood out to Shanna. “While I was looking at possible schools to attend I was focusing on universities with great history programs, which is why CBU was at the top of my list,” says Shanna. A few months later, she was on a plane to the island of Cape Breton.
Though it was difficult to come to a campus where she didn’t know anyone, Shanna says she couldn’t turn down the unique opportunity to study at CBU and explore a new part of the world.
“I love seeing all of the different perspectives here. It’s not that there isn’t diversity where I’m from, but it’s amazing to be completely immersed in a different country’s culture,” says Shanna. She was eager to take advantage of some of the courses not offered back at CSUN, like Gaelic and the history classes with a local focus.
While it has been challenging to be away from home, Shanna has fallen in love with the smalltown feel of Cape Breton, along with its beautiful scenery. Her father and sister are planning a visit soon and Shanna can’t wait to explore more of the Island with them.
Shanna says study abroad programs are the perfect way to expand a student’s overall university experience. “It really is a unique opportunity. You get to travel to another country and study there without worrying about long-term commitments or expenses,” says Shanna.
Shanna will be attending CBU until April, with a brief trip home to the California sun over winter break. She says she’s not sure what is in the cards for her time after CBU, but several of her family members have told Shanna they could totally see her living in Cape Breton. We’d be #CBUProud to keep her, that’s for sure!