Meet WOW Orientation Coordinator Brooke Ramsay

Cape Breton, NS

Week of Welcome Orientation Coordinator Brooke Ramsay can’t wait to welcome CBU’s new students with a week full of amazing events! A second-year Bachelor of Arts student, Brooke was thrilled to be selected as the 2019 Orientation Coordinator and credits her Student Placement Officer, Carly Turnbull, for helping her secure a role that’s such a perfect fit. 

“When I first came to CBU I tried to be involved, but I got caught up in the transition from high school to University and didn’t engage in student life enough,” says Brooke. “This was so uncharacteristic of me because I’ve always been involved in my school and community. That’s why I wanted to take on the role of Orientation Coordinator and encourage new students to get involved from the beginning so they don’t miss out on all of the fun!” 

In her role, Brooke has been heavily involved in the planning of the 2019 Week of Welcome, which takes place from August 31-September 9. She researched orientation events at other universities, spoke to community partners and worked with the committee to plan the most exciting activities possible. 

“I’m a big promoter of events that bring people together, build friendships and create memories,” says Brooke. “Week of Welcome will be the perfect opportunity for these types of events and I want to help make them the best they can be!” 

For Brooke, the most exciting part of her job is going to be seeing things play out. A lot of planning goes into the creation of Week of Welcome at CBU and Brook can’t wait to attend all of the events and make sure new students are having an amazing experience they’ll never forget. 

“First-year orientation events are so important to starting your university career off on the right foot,” says Brooke. “They equip you with the knowledge needed to be prepared, learn effectively, be safe on campus and meet tons of new friends.” 

Although she can’t spill all of the secrets, Brooke says students can expect both high-energy and relaxing events that will facilitate socializing, exploration, friendly competition as well as all of the food and music students could dream of. She is confident that new students will quickly catch on to the welcoming energy here at CBU and become part of the family. 

Brooke wants students to know that everyone at CBU wants them to succeed, so they don’t need to be afraid to reach out to people around campus. “Meeting new people and making connections is one of the best experiences you can have in University,” she says. “The more you engage and get involved, the more you’ll love your time here. So dive in and take advantage of the opportunities that await you!”