Meet Maria McIntyre, Coordinator of the CBU Women’s Centre

Cape Breton, NS

 Bachelor of Arts student, Maria MacIntyre, has a passion for advocacy and elevating student voices on campus. During her five years at CBU, Maria has been involved in the campus community in numerous capacities, including being a member of the Student Representative Council and holding the position of Student Representative for the School of Arts and Social Sciences. This year, Maria is the Coordinator of the CBU Women’s Centre, located in the Students’ Union building.
After attending a Bystander Intervention and Sexual Violence conference in Halifax, Maria knew she was increasingly interested in Women’s rights and becoming more aware of the issues that women face on university campuses. Maria had already been volunteering at the Women’s Centre and knew that leading the charge would allow her to further advocate for all self-identified women on campus.
Maria’s goals during her time as the Coordinator are still open and growing. She hopes to offer extended hours and more private referrals, as well as offering training opportunities to the student body. Through partnerships with the Pride and Ally Centre, Women’s Athletics, Willow House, Transition House, the Every Woman’s Centre and more, Maria hopes to continue to strengthen the position of the CBU Women’s Centre. She is also passionate about helping underrepresented groups within the University. “The focus and representation for women of colour, Indigenous women, Islamic women and Transgender women needs to be increased,” says Maria.
The Women’s Centre is open Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and is a confidential space providing information and referral services, as well as distributing hygiene products, contraceptives and pregnancy tests. The Women’s Centre strives to be a comfortable space on campus where women can seek advice, share experiences or just relax for a while.
Maria would like to extend an open invitation to all women to drop in to the Centre, utilize the services they offer and get involved by taking advantage of the amazing volunteer opportunities available.