Katelyn CCR – Getting the Most Out of University With the Co-Curricular Record

Cape Breton, NS

Fourth-year Bachelor of Arts student, Katelyn McPherson, knows a true university experience isn’t just created in the classroom. That’s why she became involved with the implementation of the new Co-Curricular Record program (CCR) at Cape Breton University.
A Co-Curricular Record is an official university document that recognizes student achievements and involvement in activities and events outside of the classroom. It’s a way for students to earn recognition for activities that are not a credited part of their program or coursework.
For Katelyn, this means her time as CBU Students’ Union Vice President of Promotions, Frosh Leader, Board of Governors Representative and more can all be reflected to potential employers through her CCR.
Not only does the CCR track existing student involvement, it also provides information for students to find new opportunities to boost their portfolios.
During her first year at CBU, Katelyn says she was not very involved on campus. As a somewhat shy, off-campus student, she felt nervous to go searching for ways to get involved on her own. Now that the CCR program has been put into place, students will have a one-stop spot to check out on-campus activities and positions.
“The CCR motivates me to get more involved with university life,” says Katelyn, “The online system lists a variety of extra-curricular opportunities offered to students at CBU, making it easy to search through and find ones that appeal to me.”
Extra-curricular activities play a large role in a student’s overall university experience, allowing them to meet new friends while developing confidence and life-skills. The CCR Program encourages students to get involved and make the most out of their time at CBU.
Katelyn will be graduating from CBU in 2019 and says she is excited to have an official document that will strengthen her resume and provide her with a sense of accomplishment moving forward. Her hopes for the CCR program are that it increases student involvement on campus and gives students something to be extra proud of when they graduate.
“Leaving CBU, I will look back at my Co-Curricular Record and know that I made the most of my university experience,” says Katelyn.
To learn more about the CCR Program, click here