International Women’s Day: A CBU Photo Essay

Cape Breton, NS

Friday, March 8, is International Women’s Day, a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for moving towards gender equality.
This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is Balance for Better, focusing on building a gender-balanced world where everyone has a part to play.
We asked the CBU community to participate by striking the #BalanceforBetter pose and sharing their thoughts about International Women’s Day.


CBU Caper:

“A balanced world is a better world!”

two girlsfour girls and two boysBoy with poster for International women's dayTwo girls with poster for balance for better



“It is time that we all recognize the part we must play in gender equality and join with the voices and actions of those who are trying to re-shape society in the interests of us all.”



“This International Women’s Day I’m thankful for all of the strong and inspiring women in my life. I’m proud to follow in their footsteps and strive toward a more balanced world.”



“Gender equality has the power to create positive change for all individuals. All human beings having access to equal opportunities and resources promotes a prosperous, healthy and fair society. Keep pushing toward progression. Happy International Women’s Day!”

two girlstwo men and one girltwo girls with postertwo girls with poster

one girl posing


“International Women’s Day should not just be one day out of the year, it should be a celebration every day.”

one girl posing


“I’m stronger because I had to be. I’m smarter because of my mistakes, happier because of the sadness I’ve known and wiser as I learn. I am a woman and there is no stopping me!”

four men with postera girl posingtwo men and one girl posingthree girls posing