Celebrating International Women’s Day with CBUSU Women’s Centre Coordinator Bhreagh MacDonald

Cape Breton, NS

Bhreagh MacDonald is a fourth-year Political Science student and coordinator of the CBU Students’ Union Women’s Centre. Bhreagh became a volunteer at the Centre when she began her studies in 2016, quickly feeling welcome in the quiet, safe-space on campus.

In her role as coordinator, Bhreagh oversees the Centre’s volunteers, while providing various services to women on campus along with organizing events to highlight women’s issues both in Canada and worldwide.

“Having a Women’s Centre on campus is an extremely important thing,” says Bhreagh. “It’s a physical place for women to feel safe and empowered on campus.”

The Women’s Centre is open Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and is a confidential space providing information and referral services, as well as distributing hygiene products, contraceptives and pregnancy tests. The Women’s Centre strives to be a comfortable space on campus where women can seek advice, share experiences or just take a break.

This year, Bhreagh organized Women’s Week, a series of events taking place March 4-8, ending on International Women’s Day 2019. Events include Sex Toy Bingo, hosted in partnership with the CBUSU Pride & Ally Centre, a screening of Finding Dawn, a movie about missing and murdered Indigenous women, a trivia event in support of Cape Breton Transition House and a Mythbusters presentation tackling the various myths of feminism.

For Bhreagh, International Women’s Day is a time in which to recognize successes and analyze failures allowing for future growth and development. “It’s a time to celebrate this year’s successes in the women’s movement in search of gender equality,” says Bhreagh. “But it’s also a time for critical reflection as we strive for a more diverse world.”

In her role as Women’s Centre Coordinator, Bhreagh is making her own impact on the women’s movement each day and inspiring other students to do the same.

If you would like to get involved with the CBUSU Women’s Centre, stop by their office and fill out a volunteer form. There are various roles from peer-to-peer counselling to event organization and more. To learn more, visit their Facebook Page.