#CBURoadSquad Teams Up with Local Businesses to Collect for the CBU Food Bank

Cape Breton, NS

This Summer, the #CBURoadSquad has partnered with Ramsay’s Honda to form a Simple Acts of Kindness Campaign for the second year in a row. This campaign focuses on spreading joy and kindness throughout local Cape Breton communities by completing small, kind gestures that can make a large difference. The Simple Acts of Kindness Campaign also serves to encourage others to get involved and spread this joy in their communities as well.
One ongoing act of kindness the #CBURoadSquad will be facilitating is the collection of donations for the CBU Food Bank, located on-campus at Cape Breton University. The CBU Food Bank, which has recently been relocated to the Students’ Union Building, is a valuable resource, serving students throughout the year.
“It’s important to give back to those who are in need on the Island; a kind gesture doesn’t have to be big to make a positive impact on someone’s day. As a current CBU student, I’m really excited to be able to give back to my university community,” says Karly Bernard, #CBURoadSquad member.
The #CBURoadSquad has teamed up with amazing CBU Alumni-owned local businesses, including Downtown Nutrition, City Print, Membertou and Platinum Fitness to collect donations from the public. Each business will have a donation bin available and will be accepting non-perishable food items until the end of August.
Wayne Miller, Owner of Downtown Nutrition, is just one of the Alumni business owners looking forward to this Simple Acts of Kindness project, saying “I think it’s great that Ramsay’s Honda and the #CBURoadSquad are putting a focus on spreading joy and being a helping hand in our communities. The CBU Food Bank is very important to the university; and being a CBU Alumni myself, I’m more than happy to be a part of this initiative and help collect donations.”
The #CBURoadSquad will also be accepting donations for the CBU Food Bank on the road, at community events and festivals all summer long. All donations are thoroughly appreciated, but some particular needs at this time include cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, rice and toiletries.
For more information or to get involved with the CBU Food Bank, contact: Emily Long at 902-563-1192