CBU Student Becomes Keptin of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council: Phil Prosper

Cape Breton, NS

On Sunday, July 29, 2018, Cape Breton University student, Phillip Prosper, received the Keptin’s Sash, assuming the role of Keptin for the community of We’koqma’q First Nation.
When he discovered he had been recommended for the position of Keptin, Phillip says he couldn’t believe his ears. His father, also a Keptin, has had to slow down his participation in Grand Council duties, allowing space for Phillip to follow in his footsteps.
“It is an incredible honour to be chosen to be a Keptin of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council. It is actually the greatest honour a Mi’kmaq man can receive,” says Phillip. As Keptin, Phillip will become a member of the Grand Council, comprised of representatives from the seven district councils in Mi’kma’ki. Once the traditional government of the Mi’kmaq people, Phillip says the Grand Council now serves a more spiritual function and he is eager to find his place and help We’kowma’q as his father has before him.
In November, Phillip will graduate from CBU with a Bachelor of Education Degree and says he has always felt welcome in the University. “CBU is so culturally sensitive to people from all over the world but especially to Mi’kmaq students,” says Phillip, “I doubt if any other university in Canada could provide as much support to it’s Indigenous students as CBU does. The spirit and mood definitely set the stage for success.”
We are so #CBUProud of you Phillip, we know your success will continue to flourish in your new role as Keptin. Wela’lin for being such an inspirational student.