Brittany Zhu – Celebrating Cultural Diversity Through Collaboration

Cape Breton, NS

MBA student, Xlnyu (Brittany) Zhu, can’t wait for this year’s Lunar New Year celebration at Cape Breton University. Brittany will be one of the two emcees for the February 1 event, which will include exciting cultural performances, delicious authentic food, interactive displays, fireworks and more.

“What I’m most excited for is that the student performers are able to share their culture with the Cape Breton community, providing a truly multicultural celebration,” says Brittany.  

Lunar New Year is one of the largest and most significant festivals in the Northeastern part of China, where Brittany grew up; but China isn’t the only country celebrating this great festival. Students from Singapore, Vietnam, Korea and many other countries are excited to come together in celebration at this year’s event.

“The name of the festival has been changed from Chinese New Year to Lunar New Year to reflect that this celebration belongs to everyone,” says Brittany. “Anyone who would like to participate is invited and we can’t wait to highlight the cultural diversity that exists here at CBU.”

Brittany says that being an MBA student at CBU has allowed her to work closely with classmates from all over the world, providing an understanding of the importance of inclusion and acceptance. “Cultural diversity not only enriches our lives and expands our horizons, but it also makes us more tolerant, understanding and respectful toward others,” says Brittany.

The focus of Lunar New Year, Brittany explains, is to express love for your friends and family while providing good wishes for the new year. Although being away from her home and family at this time is challenging, Brittany says the warm atmosphere at CBU has made her and her friends feel welcome to celebrate the holiday here in Cape Breton.

Brittany would like to invite the entire community to join her for the Lunar New Year celebration. “We would love to share our joy and best wishes for the new year with Cape Bretoners!” says Brittany.