Bringing Business to Life With CBU Student Andrew MacLeod

Cape Breton, NS

Bachelor of Business Administration student Andrew MacLeod, has turned his love of Marketing into his own business here on the Island. Since he was a young boy, Andrew has been obsessed with the idea of being able to start his own business, and that dream became a reality this year when he opened Bios

Bios is a clothing brand which donates 20 per cent of its total profits to various charities across Canada. Andrew says the inspiration for the company came from the events happening in the world around him. “Witnessing so many natural disasters, acts of terrorism and other negative events that are impacting our lives made me realize the world needs to band together to lend a helping hand,” he explains. “We want to provide opportunities for the world to rise from its fall.” 

The name “Bios” stems from the Greek root word meaning “life,” which is where Andrew drew his inspiration for the brand. “The word stood out to me and I felt like its meaning aligned perfectly with the brand I was creating,” he says. 

When Andrew began piecing his project together, he spent much of his time discovering what goes into starting a brand from the ground up. He says his experiences at CBU helped him obtain the proper communication skills and tactics that are required to start a successful business. “I learned a lot about the financial side of running a business through my entrepreneurship courses,” says Andrew. “And my Marketing courses  helped me develop the strong skills needed in this industry.” Andrew says he is also incredibly thankful for the support he has received from family and friends throughout this venture. 

As he enters his fourth and final year at CBU, Andrew says his goal for the coming year is to get Bios clothing into the hands of as many people across the world as possible, while spreading the idea of giving back. He believes customers will enjoy knowing a percentage of their money will be going toward great causes like the Red Cross Alberta Wildfire Relief fund. 

Bios is currently taking orders through Instagram and Facebook until the website is up and running, and offers free delivery in the CBRM. You can follow Bios at @biosclothing on Facebook and @biosclothing_ on Instagram.