Alison Giovannetti

Cape Breton, NS

Alison Giovannetti first attended CBU from 2003-2007, graduating with a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health). Now, 11 years later, she has crossed the stage a second time earning her Bachelor of Business Administration while maintaining her role as the CAO of her own successful company, Marcato.
It was after taking a job in bookkeeping that Alison recognized her interest in math and accounting. Realizing she had discovered a field she both excelled in and enjoyed, Alison decided to return to school to further develop her skills.
“I initially looked at distance programs all over Canada,” says Alison, “but after a lot of digging, I realized CBU was the best choice. CBU allowed me to take distance courses when it best fit my schedule and in-class courses when it best fit my learning objectives.”
Alison has worked diligently over the past six years, successfully running a business that services clients all over the world alongside her husband, while achieving her personal goal of becoming a BBA graduate.
Alison’s experience at CBU has allowed her to hone in on her passion for finance, something she says may not have come so naturally without the help of wonderful professors like Alexis Manley. “Since the class sizes are quite small at CBU, it’s much more manageable to network and make connections,” says Alison.
Alison’s learning experience has allowed her to expand her prior expertise in an academic environment. While running her business, she was able to develop many skills on her own, which she then refined and solidified throughout the BBA Program.
“Now I have a strong foundation built on both theory and hands-on experience,” says Alison. “Our business was recently acquired and I was armed with the knowledge and ability to successfully navigate our way through that process.”
Alison says her best advice to professionals who return to school is to talk to professors and be open about the situation. “Explain to them that you are a mature student, you’re focused on your work but your studies are also a big priority,” says Alison. “The professors at CBU are more than willing to accommodate your personal needs.”
Alison would like to thank George Karaphillis, Dean of the Shannon School of Business, along with her amazing professors and classmates who supported her along the way.
“I’m proud to be a CBU Alumni and look forward to my next adventure.”