Find the Warrior Within

The Pandemic Provides Opportunity for Rural Indigenous & Non-Indigenous Youth to learn about business and Access Mentors Nation Wide

When Cara Jones heard Mike Scott speak for the first time in Alberta, 2014, she hoped that one day she would be able to invite him to Nova Scotia.

Mike Scott powerful presentation, “Finding the Warrior Within” takes you on his journey of perseverance in the face of adversity. After experiencing the instability of the foster care system as a child, Mike faced many obstacles including incarceration at the age of 12, overdosing at the age of 17, becoming a single father at the age of 19 and tragically losing his mother at the age of 22. Mike has broken the dysfunctional cycles that have plagued his family for years. He now travels and shares these incredibly powerful stories, empowering young people to start becoming their own leaders and paving a positive way for future generations. His story has been presented to over 550 communities in the past six years alone (2013-2020).

Cara Jones is the In.Business Program Coordinator for Unama’ki College, Cape Breton University a national mentorship program for Indigenous Youth that facilitates the opportunity for young leaders to work with Indigenous business mentors, and says “Our students have had to make serious adjustments in their lives and studies due to the pandemic, but it has also created opportunities. Often it is difficult for rural youth to attend or access speakers like Mike Scott and now with the adoption of virtual conferences youth are able to benefit from the powerful message speakers like Mike share.”

The event, Find the Warrior Within, will be held on May 10, 7 PM AST and is free for everyone thanks to RBC financial sponsorship. For more information, visit: