CBU Students Elect New Leadership

A total of 3526 students voted during the annual CBU Students’ Union’s General Election held this week at Cape Breton University.

The team of Sahilpreet Singh Chatha and Otoibhi Osaro Gideon were elected to the positions of President and Executive Vice President with 1629 votes. They had 46.7 per cent of the popular vote. The second-place team of Harjot Singh and Boney Kurien secured a total of 642 votes. Other slates vying for the top spots included Amulya Annappa and Inderpreet Singh, Yash Raval and Olivia MacKenzie and Supriya Mahajan and Jatin Lohia.

President Elect, Sahilpreet Singh Chatha, is from Sangrur, Punjab, India and is a second-year student in Public Administration. Executive Vice President Elect, Otoibhi Osaro Gideon, hails from Nigeria and is in his first year of a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Supply Chain Management.

Elections were also held for the Students’ Representative Council. Juveriya Samreen was re- elected to represent the School of Arts and Social Sciences, as was Rebecca Seymour. Representing the Shannon School of Business will be Beant Kaur and Vidya Jetti. Students elected both Jaspreet Singh Multani and Mohanit Kapoor to represent the School of Science and Technology and Chika Iwuji and Jomin George Joseph were selected to represent the International Students. Priya Luthra will represent residence students, Jass was selected for off-campus representation and Ishaan Pandey will represent the varsity athletes. A by-election for vacant council seats will take place during the Fall semester.

During the General Election, students also voted on whether they wanted to become full members of Students NS, a provincial lobbying group that advocates for the needs of students. 1830 students voted in favour of joining.

“I would like to congratulate the winners in securing their prospective seats,” says Samarjeet Singh, Chief Returning Officer. “It was a very exciting campaign and I was impressed with how respectful all candidates were of one another.” Voter turnout was almost doubled from the 2022 election. Election results are unofficial for 48 hours in the event of an appeal. The President and Executive Vice President Elect will take office on May 1, 2023.