CBU and CBUSU Working Together to Further Assist Students During Pandemic

Cape Breton University (CBU) and the Cape Breton University Students’ Union (CBUSU) are working together to provide additional supports for students who have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. With recently received Provincial funding, combined with a financial contribution by the CBU Students’ Union, CBU will offset costs related to quarantine and provide additional financial aid for current students, at a total investment of $375,000.

“We understand the last ten months have been very difficult for everyone, especially the student population globally,” says David C. Dingwall, President and Vice-Chancellor. “Although CBU’s semester is fully online, we recognize the barriers and challenges some of our students face studying from their home countries. With this support from the Province, we are now able to better support our students during this pandemic.

“We’re very pleased that our continued advocacy efforts, toward university administration, to assist students during their quarantine, have paid off. Our students have been struggling mentally, financially and academically since the pandemic began with minimum social engagement, loss of opportunities, adjusting to the new online learning platforms and now additional costs incurred due to the new provincial government guidelines. We are just performing our fiduciary duty towards our students to support them with everything possible,” remarked Amrinder Singh, CBU Students’ Union President.

Cape Breton University will provide a 50 percent subsidy on accommodations for incoming international students. This subsidy will also be applied to those who have arrived recently, whether their approved quarantine plan includes on or off-campus accommodations. The expected investment is $235,000 and funds will be issued to registered student accounts in mid-February.

Cape Breton University is also creating a special COVID-19 bursary for returning students, both international and domestic. The initial investment is $100,000, and CBU will match a $40,000 contribution from the CBUSU, bringing the special bursary fund to $180,000 for qualifying students. CBU will include this special bursary in the disbursement of their recent in-course bursary process.