Cape Breton University Implements New Code of Conduct for Agents

Cape Breton University has implemented a new Code of Conduct for international agents working on behalf of the University. After several months of development and consultation with other Canadian institutions, the new Code of Conduct was put in place this October as part of a strategy to continually improve the student recruitment process and will roll-out officially in January 2024.

“As a University, we want to offer our students the best possible experience throughout their entire student journey, and the first point of contact for many international students is their agent,” says David C. Dingwall, Cape Breton University President and Vice-Chancellor. “We have developed this Agent Code of Conduct to serve as part of our growing accountability framework and create a student-focused experience with the highest standard of service and care.”

All official agents working in partnership with CBU will complete the mandatory process of reviewing and agreeing to this new Code of Conduct and will participate in continual training throughout the duration of their agent agreements.

“This Code of Conduct provides a guide for the expected professional behaviour of individual agents working with international students, parents, providers and fellow agents across the sector,” says Joel Inglis, Manager of International Digital Strategy and Partnership Development. “It applies to all third-party agencies and partners who work to recruit students on our behalf.”

In addition to the Code of Conduct, CBU continues to monitor all agent activities on a regular basis and reserves the right to conduct random audits virtually or during on-site visits. These audits will be done to ensure accurate and up-to-date representation of CBU-related information, so that all prospective students are fully informed prior to making their application decision. CBU will also remain responsible for investigating any complaints received about an agent working on the University’s behalf and will take corrective actions where necessary.

Any agent found in violation of the Code of Conduct will face correction actions varying based on the severity of the infraction. Actions include but are not limited to: 

  • Additional training
  • Restriction of recruitment activities on the University’s behalf
  • Lowering of application and/or commissionable-student quotas
  • Temporary suspension
  • Termination of contract

CBU remains committed to addressing any issues brought forth in relation to agents working on the University’s behalf. The University will continue working to ensure all potential future students, both locally and internationally, are receiving accurate and relevant information throughout their application process.

The full Code of Conduct can be found here.