Condolences on the Passing of Nancy King

To the CBU community, 

It is with sadness I recently learned of the passing of journalist Nancy King. Ms. King was employed with the Cape Breton Post for the past 21 years, and often covered news about Cape Breton University, likely interviewing many of you along the way as well. 

When Ms. King did cover CBU news stories she did it with grace and thoughtfulness and was not afraid to ask the tough questions. Her journalistic integrity and pride in her work made her an exceptional professional in her field, and she will be greatly missed by the journalism community of Cape Breton Island, and by all those whose stories she has told.

Please join me in sending condolences to her family, friends, and colleagues at the Cape Breton Post and the Salt Wire Network. 

Yours very truly, 

David C. Dingwall

President and Vice-Chancellor