CBU Statement on Academic Integrity

To the CBU Community, 

We are aware of the student protest and current concerns, and both the Dean and Vice-President, Academic have reviewed the files. We encourage anyone with issues to follow official channels for grade appeals and complaints, and we will work with you in support of that process. These procedures are sound, fair, and in place for a reason. While we respect the right to protest, this action will not influence the outcome when there are sound processes in place to ensure Academic Integrity is upheld and respected. I encourage you to review the student code of conduct and the respectful campus policy.

At Cape Breton University, academic integrity is a top priority. We support and encourage students as they become successful academic citizens. As an academic citizen of CBU, you are part of a community that adheres to a high standard, demonstrated by conducting your work with careful attention to the ethics of your courses, program, disciplines and higher education as a whole. 

CBU students should strive to be good academic citizens, but it is also the responsibility of faculty members, department chairs, deans and the University as a whole to lead in this area. All academic members of the CBU community are called upon to demonstrate respect for academic honesty.

While your instructors are here to support you, it is your responsibility as a student to ensure you are doing your part to accomplish your academic goals. This means attending your classes, paying attention and taking notes, submitting assignments on time and ensuring you follow up with your instructor or our Academic Success Coaches if you have questions or concerns. If you fail to attend classes, your grades will reflect this.

CBU’s Charter of Academic Citizenship outlines five values that constitute academic integrity including the ethical commitments associated with them. These values are Originality, Integrity, Fairness, Collegiality and Responsibility. They apply to all areas of your work at CBU, extending from your conduct in the classroom to your work in the community.

Cheating, plagiarism and other forms of dishonest academic practice are not tolerated at CBU. We offer high-quality education, and we expect all members of the CBU community to hold themselves to the highest standard possible.

Pursuing your studies with integrity means you have pride in your work and ensures that your degree or diploma has meaning in that it accurately reflects your skills, knowledge and abilities. 

For those who need academic support, CBU offers these services through Academic Success Coaching, the Math and Science Centre, the Writing Centre and the Library. While it is the University’s responsibility to offer these supports, it is your responsibility as an academic citizen to reach out if you need them and to adhere to the ethical and moral principles of strong academic integrity.



Dr. Andy Parnaby
Vice Provost
Chair of CBU Provost’s Academic Integrity Committee
Cape Breton University