Uplifting the TRC Calls to Action: Reconcili-action from Theory to Practice

Join us on Wednesday, January 18, from 11:00am-1:00pm as Dr. Marie Battiste presents “Uplifting the TRC Calls to Action: Reconcili-action from Theory to Practice.”

In 2015, TRC’s Calls to Action ushered in a wave of media attention and institutional responses to the grave issues surrounding the Indian Residential Schools and Indigenous Peoples’ traumatic experiences with colonization and its intergeneration effects. Each of us, whether student, faculty or staff, has a role to play in understanding the nature and theoretical foundations of Eurocentric colonialism and its continuing applications in what is understood as the status quo. Exploring what practical roles and activities each of us can have in deconstructing Eurocentrism and advancing decolonial spaces, learning, teaching and recovery of Lnu knowledge, language and self-determination eroded by colonialism and their challenges is the aim of the session and the discussion invited with the presentation.