The Unveiling of the Eagar Brothers’ Auto-Rickshaw – A Restoration Project by CBU Art Gallery

Join us on Tuesday, June 25, at 1:00pm at the CBU Art Gallery for the unveiling of the Eagar Brothers’ Auto-Rickshaw in celebration of Cape Breton University’s 50th Anniversary.

The story of the auto-rickshaw begins with three CBU Alumni, the Eagar brothers – Jeff, Chris and Steve – and their dream of driving across India on the Grand Trunk Road, from Kolkata to Wagah (on the border of Pakistan) in 2004. The 2600-kilometre journey the three brothers undertook in the little, three-wheeled vehicle involved risk, heavy costs and discomfort. After their adventurous journey, the Eagar brothers donated the vehicle to CBU.

The restoration project, undertaken by CBU Art Gallery, aims to showcase the vehicle as a permanent art piece to celebrate the Eagar Brothers’ generosity and adventurous spirit, highlight the University’s cultural diversity and bring attention to this unique cultural artifact.

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