The Situation We Find Ourselves In Is This: Artist in Residence Event

MacIvor will work throughout the month of January as director/dramaturge with Alberta playwright Matthew MacKenzie on MacKenzie’s solo performance about dying and dramaturgy. MacKenzie was enlisted by famed Canadian dramaturge Iris Turcott to be her end-of-life caregiver, though MacKenzie didn’t know this. It wasn’t until after MacKenzie had relocated from Alberta to Toronto that Turcott sat him down and had a conversation with him that started with the sentence: “The situation we find ourselves in is this…” MacKenzie’s solo investigates the journey of being thrust into another person’s death and how that helps to explain what dramaturgy is really all about. MacIvor and MacKenzie have been developing this piece out of the Theatre Centre in Toronto and now come together (virtually) to finish the piece as a live-stream event.

Click here to tune in.