The Key to Our Hearts: A Musical Journey Through the Cape Breton University Music Archives

Join us on Tuesday, October 10, 11:30am-1:00pm in the Beaton Institute. 

Does Cape Breton music tug at your heartstrings and keep your feet tapping?

During an afternoon of music, we will find out with a visit to the Beaton Institute and its music archives at Cape Breton University. Sitting amongst the collections, our host, Dr. Michelle Greenwell, will lead us on a journey of discovery with special guest musicians who share why they have chosen to work with particular tunes from the archives as well as a bit about the tunes themselves.

Highlighting the journey of curating his new album Beul Na Mara, Bradley Murphy shares the discovery of archival music that inspired him. Bradley plays piano, fiddle and bodhran, and sings.

Màiri Britton has been deeply connected to the Language and Lyrics project as a researcher. She shares her joy in finding hidden gems in the archives and how she has brought them forward in her teaching and presentations. Màiri is a singer, harper and step dancer, who has been able to explore the power of the archives through these different art forms.

We will finish our gathering with some collaborative connections that have expanded musical possibilities, and finish with a chance for the audience to ask questions and learn more about the archives.

This is definitely an event with a key to your heart. We look forward to seeing you there!