Sustainability Through Two-Eyed Seeing: Free Public Session

Join us on Wednesday, July 10, at 7:00pm in the Royal Bank Lecture Theatre (CE 258) for Sustainability Through Two-Eyed Seeing: Learning from Indigenous Business Models.

This free public session is presented by the CED Institute and will feature Dr. Frances (Frankie) Young, an Indigenous scholar who works on legal reform for Indigenous economic development, Mi’kmaw philanthropy, Indigenous economic well-being, Indigenous self-governance and Mi’kmaq identity.

A reckoning is required on how Eurocentric laws and economic systems are biased toward Western worldviews while not accounting for Indigenous realities, legal orders or economic perspectives. Re-centering Indigenous legal traditions is a means to advance Indigenous economic interests in a sustainable way. The principle of Two-Eyed Seeing can assist by encouraging legal actors to draw from the best of both Western and Indigenous laws and economic perspectives in developing Indigenous business models. This is necessary to promote inclusivity, honour Nation-to-Nation building, advance Indigenous self-determination and sovereignty and encourage reconciliation in action through sustainable business models.

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