Speaker: Neuroscientist J. F. Pagel MS/MD

Join us in a discussion with neuroscientist J. F. Pagel MS/MD!

J. F. Pagel MS/MD is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at CBU.

He has worked for more than fifty years in the application of computerized analytic systems to the processes of sleep, waking, and the forms of consciousness. He is the author of over 200 publications that include forty peer-reviewed research papers, fifty textbook chapters and nine books.

We live in a fascinating time, in a rapidly changing dynamic in which the relationship between humans and created AI systems is in considerable flux. In 2017 Dr. Pagel presciently described the capacity of AI systems to approximate human equivalent forms of dream consciousness. Since then, Internet-based AI systems have been developed based on the physiologic constructs of the global neural-network workspace. These neural reflective systems, initially developed to test theoretic constructs of central nervous system function, have in application been able to attain capacities for human-equivalent consciousness. Today, narrative and visual AI constructs can appear to function and operate as human beings. This is the focus of his latest book, The Electromagnetic Fields of Consciousness, due for publication this coming spring.