Photograph 51: Boardmore Theatre

Join us from November 21-26 for the first play in our 52nd season, Photograph 51.

Photogragh 51 is a humorous and moving portrait of Rosalind Franklin, one of the great female scientists of the twentieth century, and her fervid drive to map the contours of the DNA molecule. A chorus of physicists relives the chase, revealing the unsung achievements of this trail-blazing, fiercely independent woman. A play about ambition, isolation and the race for greatness.

November 21/22: 10:00am

November 23/24/25: 7:00pm (November 24 is Pay What You Choose Night, or a Food Bank Donation)

November 26: 2:00pm

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Written by: Anna Ziegler

Directed by: Holly Schaller