Day One – Elizabeth Boardmore One Act Play Festival

The Spaceman

Written and Directed by Daniel Farrow

A small town in North America Falls into chaos when its citizens are overcome with delusions of a world, not of their own. One man looks to the stars for answers seeking to avenge his fallen wife. As others fight, fall in love and show their true colours to their friends and family, few are unaffected, and even fewer can help break the mould.


I Do. You Die.

Written by Carrie McCrossen | Directed by Bryan Nash

A husband and wife attempt to answer the question, which of us would win in a fight to the death? A playful argument quickly gets ugly as husband and wife each try to prove who would win. A short play that examines the darker side of marriage.


One Man Dream

Written and Directed by Ben Walter

Someone has invited you into their humble abode, even though it may be a broken one. They promise food and games but more importantly, fun. It is a promise. Follow along and play along in these fun, friendly… family games. They are only games. Games don’t mean anything. But you, on the other hand, mean everything… to someone if not yourself. This is a story, but it is more of a dream. Maybe a nightmare and you are never the same after living a nightmare.

Box Office and Ticket Information

CBU Playh0use Box Office is open from 1:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and one hour before showtime.

The box office will open one week prior to performances and will remain open during the week of performances. Ticket and Seating information can be found below:

General Seating for all plays.

One-act Plays- $20 general, $10 students and seniors (Free admission for CBU Students)

One-Act Festival Pass- $40 general, $10 students and seniors

Evening shows begin at 7:00pm