CBU Art Gallery Exhibition: A Table For Two

The CBU Art Gallery is proud to announce their new exhibition ‘A Table for Two,’ a folk art show featuring the work of Isle Madame-based artists Henry and Gevee Boudreau. The exhibition is scheduled for a soft opening on Friday, January 28th, at 10 am. It will then be open during current COVID-19 business hours to faculty, students, and campus guests until its closing on March 25th.

‘A Table for Two’ showcases the wood sculptures created by couple Henry and Gevee Boudreau in their Nova Scotian home of Isle Madame. The two worked at their kitchen table, talking through ideas for what Henry should sculpt. The sculptures, often depicting friends or family in their community tending to their work, hobbies, or domestic lives, were first carved in wood by Henry, with an attention paid to small detail. Henry would also sew clothing for the figures. Gevee would paint the figures in vibrant colours for a cheerful final product. The show will feature a wide range of the Boudreau’s subjects, including the likeness of Sidney Crosby, and will also display the tools they used for crafting along with their all-important kitchen table, enriching the experience with a touch of the intimacy that brought these sculptures to life.

Henry and Gevee shared a love at first sight. The work they collaborated on was an extension of their relationship, exemplifying their closeness through a shared artistic vision. While Henry passed away in 2016, the Gallery is pleased to join with Gevee in celebrating the art the two made together.