Why I Give: Meet Hilda Tremblett

“I give to education because education changed my life.”

In 1996, Hilda Tremblett created a memorial award in honour of her parents for Cape Breton University students in need of financial assistance. She has already impacted countless students through her long-standing scholarship and has now made a generous commitment for future generations of students in the form of a planned gift to Cape Breton University.

Hilda’s generous promise of a planned gift will help to ensure that CBU is able to offer continued support for future students. Donors like Hilda, who are forward-thinking, have opted to make their core values known for the provision of future generations.

Dr. Tremblett is originally from Bonavista, Newfoundland. She was the daughter of a fisherman and, at 16 years-old, she was the only recipient from Newfoundland, which was not a province then, to receive a scholarship to attend McGill University in Montreal. Hilda graduated in 1955 and went back to Newfoundland as a general practitioner.

“I graduated with my BA cumlada. On the day I wrote my last exam, my father passed away and I knew from that moment I was on my own. I worked to make my way through medical school; I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I did it,” says Hilda.

Hilda had a desire to learn more, and the draw of life-long learning called her back. She studied pathology at Queen’s University in Kingston and worked as the only pathologist at Northside General Hospital in North Sydney until her retirement in 1991. Along with her knowledge and background based in sciences, she truly believes in holistic health and will often teach and present to those who are interested in natural medicine and ways to keep well.

Hilda has a zest for life at 90 years old and enjoys sailing and any and all adventures involving the outdoors or travel. She has visited China several times, travelled across the Atlantic as a passenger on a tall ship (the Star Flyer) and spent eight days in the wilderness of British Columbia on a canoe trip.

“I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for somebody believing in me and giving me a scholarship all those years ago. I want to be able to provide that opportunity for future students,” said Hilda.

Hilda gives to Cape Breton University because she says, “this is my home, where I live, and I need to give back.”

To learn more about how your gift can make an impact on the life of a student, email giving@cbu.ca.