Transforming Challenges Into Strengths: Meet Paige Cox

When we first shared Paige Cox’s story in 2021, she had just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and was excited to see where her path would take her next. She quickly discovered that her passion for working with children would lead her to return to CBU, where she is now pursuing a Master of Education.

“I chose CBU’s program because it didn’t require a Bachelor of Education to enter,” says Paige. “I was looking for a degree that would allow me to learn more about working with youth, and it offered the added advantage of taking my program entirely online from the school that I already love.”

After her previous graduation, Paige’s ties to CBU stayed strong. She sits on the Cape Breton University Alumni Association Board of Directors and says the experience has given her the ability to look at CBU from a different perspective and to advocate for students like herself. Paige spoke at the 2022 convocation ceremony as the Alumni representative and says it filled her with a sense of excitement and accomplishment.

Paige credits her time at CBU for shaping her advocacy and volunteer work. “If it weren’t for my placement at CBU, I wouldn’t have started volunteering at the food bank,” she says. “CBU has played a big role in who I am today. I’ve learned something from each of the people I’ve met during my time at the University, and I carry those things with me throughout my life.”

Through her work, Paige advocates for the pivotal role played by educators in the lives of students with learning disabilities, emphasizing the significance of these educators as safe and supportive figures in their journeys. Paige’s dedication to empowering and advocating for young people with disabilities is evident throughout her educational and professional pursuits.

As she works through her Master of Education, Paige’s primary goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people. “When I complete my MEd, I would like to accomplish the simple but important goal of making a difference,” she says. “The skills I’ve developed and will continue to develop through the MEd program will help me achieve this.”

Reflecting on her journey and the invaluable support system that has propelled her forward, Paige underscores the transformative impact of her time at CBU. She expresses deep appreciation for the University, emphasizing how it taught her to transcend her disability and embrace her strengths. “CBU taught me that I am so much more than my disability. So much more than my deficits,” she says.

Paige’s supporters, some as young as six years old, have provided encouragement and motivation all these years. Their unwavering belief in her abilities has been a driving force in her success, and she extends heartfelt gratitude to all those who have played a part in her remarkable journey.

Paige Cox’s journey at CBU is a testament to her determination, resilience and her determined commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.