Through the Lens: Meet Tom Joseph Scaria

Cape Breton University student Tom Scaria is exploring Cape Breton Island through the lens of his camera, and finds himself falling more in love with the view each day. Born and raised in Oman, Tom came to CBU after the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Management caught his eye. “It sounded very relatable to my previous work experience,” he says. “And I had already heard about the province of Nova Scotia so I was eager to learn more.” 

While growing up Tom used to travel a lot, documenting his adventures on social media. After receiving great feedback on his iPhone photos, Tom felt encouraged to purchase a camera and begin learning about the world of photography. He quickly fell in love with the art form, and carried his hobby here to Canada where he captures everything from wildlife and landscape photography, to portraits and action shots of our CAPERS athletes. 


“Sports photography has been particularly fun for me because it’s different from what I’m used to,” says Tom. “Mountains aren’t known for sprinting back and forth!” Despite the moving targets, Tom has managed to snag some incredible photos of both the men’s and women’s soccer teams this season, and has a knack for capturing the raw emotion of the game. 

When he’s not behind the lens, Tom has been taking full advantage of the student experience. He says he loves being able to try new things, ask for guidance and not worry about failing. “The Business Management program is great for working professionals,” he says. “It has given me an overall picture of the current business environment and the opportunity to sharpen my management skills.” 

Since arriving at CBU, Tom says he has been impressed by the University’s multiculturalism and ability to quickly adapt to the growing needs of its students. “These two things make me proud to be a part of this institution,” says Tom. “CBU is also very involved with the surrounding community and everything that happens on the island which is so great.”

Tom is no stranger to the island now, and has been working with Destination Cape Breton Association as a social media strategist and photographer, showing off everything Cape Breton has to offer. “The picturesque beaches, valleys, campgrounds, mountains, waterfalls, hiking trails, lakes and historical sites are a dream come true for any photographer,” says Tom. “I would love to remain in Cape Breton and continue to work with DCBA after graduation.” 

With one year left at CBU, Tom plans to make the most of his time while continuing to capture great moments. He hopes when others see his photos they are inspired to get out and shoot as well, and even offers to share some of the best locations to anyone willing to reach out!

To check out more of Tom’s work, follow him on Instagram @itstomjoseph