They Came, They Saw, They Conquered: Promise Akachukwu

With another convocation around the corner and graduates from around the world preparing to cross the stage, Promise Akachukwu is a Bachelor of Arts student ready to join CBU’s growing Alumni family. Originally from Abuja, Nigeria, Promise came to Cape Breton in search of a quiet community filled with culture and nature.

After settling in, he quickly made a name for himself at the University, making history as the first CBU track and field athlete to win a gold medal in the AUS, and the first to compete in the USports Track and Field Championship for the Capers. Throughout his time at CBU, Promise’s triumphs extended not only to his athletic performance but his abilities in the classroom as well.

Promise says his program taught him to question everything, from sources to conclusions, and to be curious about the world around him. “My favourite class was Philisophy of Knowledge and Reality with Professor Andrew Reynolds,” says Promise. “He was my role model for logical thinking and understanding, and is the type of professor who pushes you to question and explore your ideas.”

Promise says winning his gold medal in the men’s 60-metre at the AUS Championship is his proudest moment from his time at CBU, and something he will never forget. He was named the AUS Men’s Track Athlete of the Year for his performance in the 2021-22 season.

Looking ahead toward the future, Promise would like to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work at CBU and practice in Cape Breton. “My time at CBU has prepared me for the future, and my classmates and I were able to overcome challenges and obstacles to get here,” he says. “To my fellow graduates, we came, we saw and we conquered.”

Promise embodies the Capers motto Strong, Fierce, Proud, and is ready to tackle the next phase of his journey with confidence. Congratulations to Promise and the entire graduating class of 2023.