The Cape Breton University Board of Governors Unanimously Approves the Strategic Plan, 2019-2024 for Cape Breton University

After months of consultation and discussion both on campus and in the community, Cape Breton University has a strategic plan that will guide decision making over the next five years. The plan was approved today by the CBU Board of Governors.
“I want to thank my Co-Chair Dr. Vicky Salazar and Faculty Advisor Dr. Rod Nicholls for their commitment to, and guidance throughout, this process; the members of the Steering Committee and Working Committee for all of their hard work; and all who participated throughout the process for their contributions,” says David C. Dingwall, President & Vice-Chancellor, Cape Breton University.
The plan is a result of an inclusive and open process that included consultation with communities in all four counties on Cape Breton Island including representatives from Mi’kmaw communities. Perspectives were diverse, which enhanced the process and the resulting plan. The level of engagement experienced throughout the strategic planning process speaks volumes to the importance of Cape Breton University as a key economic, social and cultural driver in the only significantly-sized urban centre outside of the Halifax Regional Municipality.
“We’ve paid homage to our history and committed to thinking differently as we work toward our vision, and we have five strong directions and accompanying strategies that will guide us as we move forward with strategic purpose. The plan is a product of a shared commitment to advance Cape Breton University, and in doing so we will positively impact the communities of Cape Breton Island,” says President Dingwall.
The Five Strategic Directions include:

  • Invest in our Students
  • Champion the Island’s Prosperity
  • Indigenize the L’nu Way
  • Globalize with a Difference
  • Empower Faculty and Staff

Focus now shifts to executing the plan. To assist with this, an Implementation Support Team has been put in place to support the President and University in implementing the plan.
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Statement from The Cape Breton University Board of Governors 

The Cape Breton University Board of Governors Unanimously Approves the Strategic Plan, 2019-2024 for Cape Breton University
CBU Board of Governors Chair Robert Sampson said the plan that was presented to the board today outlines a strong vision for Cape Breton University. “It was clear that the five directions and accompanying strategies within the plan will strengthen and expand CBU’s role as a key economic, social and cultural driver for the region. President Dingwall has the full support of the Board to put the plan into action,” he says.
Sampson also notes that the collaborative approach taken to develop the plan was very much appreciated by the Board. “Over the past several months, we were very pleased to see a broad and inclusive consultation process unfold that brought together many stakeholders on campus, and from communities across Cape Breton Island, and beyond. Certainly, that input is reflected in the plan, resulting in distinct goals for Cape Breton University.”