Set Goals and Adapt: Meet Mitchell Hiscock

When Mitchell Hiscock applied to Cape Breton University, he had no idea he would begin his university journey in a virtual classroom. Despite the challenges, he has been thriving in the Bachelor of Science program and now has great advice to share with his fellow students. 

“At first, I found online learning very tough,” Mitchell admits. “Throughout my school years I have always learned best from interactions with my classmates and teachers, so when I was put in front of a screen it was more difficult to achieve that.” Mitchell says the best way to overcome difficulties with online learning is to stay on top of your work and make the most of a tough situation. 

“Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t see the results you want right away,” he encourages. “There may be times when you struggle or feel overwhelmed, but your professors, friends and classmates at CBU are here to help you succeed.” 

What motivates Mitchell to persevere is his goal of maintaining his entrance scholarship. The Glace Bay High Graduate and Valedictorian was awarded the Chancellor’s Scholarship in 2020 and says he can’t describe how excited he was to receive the news. “There were so many great candidates in my graduating class, so I was incredibly grateful that CBU recognized my hard work, not only in academics, but within the community as well,” he says. “Thanks to CBU’s generous donors, I have been able to begin my degree without student loans, and not having financial worries means I can put my full focus on achieving academic success.” 

Mitchell looks forward to returning to in-person classes in the future, eagerly awaiting the opportunity for hands-on learning in Chemistry and Biology. “While I believe CBU has done a tremendous job transitioning their programs into the virtual format, I miss the physical aspect of attending classes and interacting with others,” Mitchell says. “Once we’re back on campus I’m going to get involved with as many on-campus activities and groups as I can, just like I did throughout grade school.” 

Mitchell’s final advice to current and future students at CBU is to reflect on the past in times of difficulty. “You may feel discouraged at times and struggle to remain focused; in those moments you need to think about how you got here in the first place,” he says. “Set goals for yourself so you have something to work toward. Having these root motivations will help you achieve success in any learning environment.”