Scholarship Success: Meet Sasha Young

Riverview graduate, Sasha Young, will be joining Cape Breton University in September and says she can’t wait to experience the multiculturalism at the University. “Being from Cape Breton, which is loaded with Celtic culture, I can’t wait to immerse myself in the different cultures on campus,” she says. “I am impatiently awaiting all of the new friends, experiences and learning opportunities I’ll have on CBU’s lively campus.” 

Sasha will begin her studies in the Bachelor of Arts program this fall, after having received the President’s Scholarship, a $20,000 entrance award presented to Sasha in April. “I was beyond happy when I found out I had won,” says Sasha. “It took a while to process, but I am incredibly proud of myself and my fellow classmates who were also awarded scholarships. The first thing I did was call my mother, then went on with the rest of my day being absolutely shocked.” 

Sasha says she decided to attend CBU because it was mentally and financially beneficial to stay at home for her undergraduate degree. She says her scholarship will take additional pressure off of both her and her family, allowing her to continue her passion for dance instead of picking up a second part-time job to cover her studies. “This money will not go to waste and I am forever grateful to have been a recipient,” she adds. 

Throughout her high school experience, Sasha has been involved in countless activities and initiatives, from the Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) and the theatre arts department at her high school, to the Nova Scotia Secondary School Student’s Association (NSSSA) where she served as regional premier. In addition, she spends 12 hours a week at her dance studio both as a teacher and dancer. Sasha plans to carry on this involvement as she starts her University journey, saying she can’t wait to get involved with the Boardmore Theatre and dance society on campus. 

With financial stress eased, Sasha will be able to focus on enjoying every moment of her university experience. “I would like to say thank you a thousand times over to the donors who made this award possible,” she says. “This scholarship has taken an unbelievable amount of weight off my shoulders and I’m thrilled to attend a school with so much support both on and off campus. These donors have made post secondary education a dream come true for me and many others.”