Pursuing His Soccer Dreams On The East Coast: Meet Kairo Coore

This year, Kairo Coore is hoping to win the AUS Championship and a national title with the Capers Men’s Soccer team. “I’m certain with the group of boys we have, we will be in the running without a doubt,” Kairo says. Born and raised in Whitby, Ontario, Kairo is the Striker for the Capers and is studying communications at CBU while lighting up the field.

This past year, Kairo spoke to the Capers Men’s Soccer Coach, Deano Morley, about his goals and aspirations as a player. Kairo hopes to one day be drafted by the Canadian Premier League following graduation. Deano could see there was something special in Kairo, and made sure he knew it.

“He not only showed me what he saw in me as a player, but we quickly got along very well,” says Kairo. “Coach Deano told me what CBU had to offer both on and off the field, and it really checked all of the boxes for me.”

These chats with his future coach only confirmed Kairo’s sense that CBU was the right fit for him. “The Capers team is different from the rest of Canada because they recruit from all corners of the country and the world,” Kairo explains. “They really focus on hand-picking the best players from various provinces and countries, giving us an advantage on our competition.”

As the school year settles in and Kairo prepares for the road to AUS Championships, he says the staff at CBU have made his transfer process extremely smooth. “The coaches have put me in touch with different people throughout the university who have been supporting me as I adjust to life in Cape Breton,” he says. “Thanks to them, it has been a pretty seamless transition.”

Kairo’s excitement for the soccer season built as he explored the East Coast for the first time and got to know his teammates. “I’ve been looking forward to playing with my new teammates and working toward a national title,” he says. “I can’t wait to play in the AUS Championships this year and see all of our fans in the home stands.”

To cheer on Kairo and the Capers as they battle for another AUS title, join us on November 4-7 for the Subway AUS Men’s and Women’s Soccer Championships hosted at CBU. To learn more, visit cbu.ca/aus