Never Giving Up On Her Dream: Meet Sherry Morgan

When Glace Bay’s Sherry Morgan sets her mind to something, she sees it through because she never gives up. Sherry’s CBU story began in 1993 when she enrolled in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, but the journey took a few turns along the way. Now, 28 years later, Sherry says she could not be more proud to be a CBU graduate. 

Reflecting on her recent accomplishment, Sherry says all these years she knew she wouldn’t feel complete until she finished her program. “Once I completed my final course I was overwhelmed with emotion and teared up every time I thought about finishing my BBA,” she says. “My pride and confidence grew when I received that parchment and I have such a sense of satisfaction knowing that being tenacious and persistent pays off.” 

Sherry says her initial intimidation turned to comfort and security as she settled back into student life at CBU. “It was a dream come true to know I was finally going to achieve my dream of completing my degree,” she explains. “As life continued on and new responsibilities and obstacles challenged me, I never gave up.” Being a single mom of two boys, Sherry says she had her fair share of challenges while trying to study. “I had to make sure my sons were also studying, along with balancing everything else that comes with running a household,” she adds. 

Now an Estate Administrator with Grant Thornton in Membertou, Sherry says going back to school after some time away is worth every bit of hard work. “The first step through the doors is the hardest part, but the community at CBU is so supportive and the students, faculty and staff are all wonderful,” she says. “They’re not here to judge anyone regardless of what step of the journey you are on. They’re here to make sure everyone is able to achieve their goals and dreams.” 

Sherry says it was the welcoming and friendly environment that attracted her to CBU in 1993, and that same supportive environment that brought her back years later. “There is a sense of pride in being from Cape Breton and seeing how amazing CBU is and everything it has to offer,” says Sherry. “I will absolutely encourage my sons to attend CBU someday and I feel completely prepared to tackle any challenge in my career thanks to my time here!”