My CBU Story: Naomi Colford

For Naomi Colford, growing up in Cape Breton was closely tied to her decision to enrol at Cape Breton University. She appreciated the opportunity to get a  phenomenal education while remaining close to home. Graduating this fall, Naomi has completed her Bachelor of Science, Nursing and says she is so thankful for her time at CBU and the support she received throughout her studies. 

During her time as a nursing student, Naomi found opportunities to hone her skills through clinical placements, while making many new friends and connecting with faculty and staff. Looking back now, she says these opportunities are what set her up for success. “I cannot speak highly enough about the nursing program at CBU,” says Naomi “I have met so many wonderful friends, and the faculty and staff are incredible.”

The lessons Naomi received through the nursing curriculum, simulation labs and clinical placements helped increase her confidence as a future nurse. In addition, the connections and friendships she built rounded out her university experience. “The thing I will miss most about CBU is getting to see my friends on campus,” she says. “I will miss attending events, having lunch in the cafeteria and studying in the library with my friends. CBU is such a beautiful campus.”

Alongside the support she received from her instructors and classmates, Naomi says her family was a huge support system throughout her degree. A retired nurse herself, Naomi’s grandmother was a large inspiration and supporter throughout every step of her journey to becoming a nurse. Sadly, Naomi’s grandmother passed away last February, and Naomi is thankful for the small moments of pride she was able to share with her grandmother, like the first time she showed off her new nursing scrubs. Being able to share these special moments with her grandmother and spend time with her while pursuing her education is something Naomi will always cherish.

Naomi experienced many great moments during her time as a university student, one of which was the opportunity to represent Canada at the Miss World Festival in London, England. At first, knowing she might need to put her education on hold for a month to travel and participate in the festival, Naomi was nervous. But after receiving the support of President Dingwall, CBU faculty and staff and the entire campus community, she knew she was making the right choice. Naomi was able to participate and excel at the festival while continuing her studies. 

Currently in Toronto, Naomi has secured the nursing job of her dreams joining the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), the number one paediatric hospital in the world. Naomi wishes her fellow graduates the best of luck in their future endeavours and hearty congratulations for their accomplishments. As a proud member of the CBU Alumni Family, Naomi strongly recommends the University to prospective students and hopes to return to CBU and teach in the nursing program in the future.

Congratulations to Naomi and the entire Fall 2022 graduating class!