My CBU Story: Meet Ashin Wilfy

After completing his Bachelor in Biotechnology, Ashin Wilfy had plans to move to Italy to pursue his Masters. He had even gone so far as to be accepted into a program with a scholarship. But for Ashin, along with so many across the world, the COVID-19 pandemic turned things upside down. In the end, Ashin says he is grateful for this change, as it brought him to where he is today, having just graduated with his Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health) from CBU. 

Originally from Kerala, a small state in the Southern part of India, Ashin had to go back to the drawing board when the pandemic hit. “I looked into other academic options where I could use my knowledge and my experience in a meaningful manner,” says Ashin. “Once CBU caught my attention, I went through the program details and I just knew this was my calling.”

Making the leap from a Biotechnology background to Public Health while also learning in a new country and second language is no easy task. Thankfully for Ashin, the CBU Public Health employees were there to help every step of the way. “They understood the challenges I faced as an international student,” says Ashin. “They were able to help me and my peers throughout the entire program, ensuring our success.”

Throughout his CBU journey, Ashin worked with the CBU Students’ Union in various positions. This meant getting to be a part of a wide range of projects and programs that directly impacted  student life on campus. Ashin also worked for the Caper Times Newspaper, something he says is one of the best things that happened to him during his time with CBU.

Ashin says he’ll miss spending time on campus and working with the Students’ Union, but he is excited for where his path will take him next.

Recently, Ashin accepted a position with the Government of Nova Scotia, a job that he feels CBU helped prepare him for. “Working at the Students’ Union was an excellent early exposure to corporate work culture. You get to meet a diverse range of people and learn how to work with them while at the same time making sure you meet deadlines,” Ashin explains. “As someone who just started in the field of Public Health, I feel the experiences the faculty shared with us and the assignments we did will be incredibly helpful.”

Ashin says he wouldn’t have achieved this milestone of graduating without the people around him, who supported him throughout his CBU journey. “I am blessed to have a bunch of friends who encouraged me to go after my dreams, along with classmates and faculty who were always there to support me academically,” says Ashin. “And of course, my family, and my partner, Alphy, who stood by my side through everything, often making me forget they were thousands of kilometers away, at the other end of the world.”

As Ashin looks back on his time at CBU, he says the University’s motto Perseverance Will Triumph, is more true now than ever, after having pushed through the COVID-19 pandemic, Hurricane Fiona and the record-breaking snow the Island saw in February, 2024. “Congratulations, we made it!” Ashin says. “I wish everyone all the success!”