My CBU Story: Dipanshu Grover

Dipanshu Grover always had a desire to study in an international environment with room for new experiences and opportunities. For the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Public Health) student from India, that dream became a reality when he arrived at Cape Breton University. Dipanshu was drawn to the public health field because of the various doors it could open for him. 

“There are so many different disciplines in the field of public health, from ethics and legislation to food safety,” he says. “And I knew this program would allow me to learn more about Canadian workplaces and how these rules and regulations are enforced throughout the country.”

While moving to Canada and adapting to a new culture wasn’t easy, Dipanshu says he had professors, friends and community members who helped him along the way. After settling in to his new home at CBU, Dipanshu decided to join the Students’ Union and advocate for his fellow students. This led to his role as chairperson for the Union as well as the Editor in Chief of the Caper Times Newspaper. 

“In my role at the Caper Times, I was able to cover important updates about student life,” says Dipanshu. “It helped me gain valuable experience in journalism and communication while connecting to the students.”

Now more than ever, Dipanshu is grateful for his decision to enrol in the Public Health program at CBU. “If you look at the scenario around the globe during this pandemic, there is need for intervention from the perspective of public health,” he explains. “So having a public health degree is quite beneficial.” His hope is to pursue a public health practicum and continue his journey to becoming a public health inspector here in Canada.

“Now that my courses have come to an end, I look forward to cherishing the moments of graduation,” says Dipanshu. “My advice to CBU students is to get involved as much as possible. You never know what an opportunity could lead to, so always search for more.”