My CBU Story: Cory Bent

If you’ve been to a CAPERS soccer game in the past few years, you’ve likely been lucky enough to watch one of the greats in action. Hailing from Preston, England, Cory Bent has made a name for himself both on the pitch and in the classroom at Cape Breton University. This year, Cory is graduating from the Bachelor of Business Administration program and heading off to Halifax to play professionally for the Halifax Wanderers FC

“Although it was the soccer program that brought me to CBU, I knew I would be able to achieve my goal of earning a valuable degree at the same time,” says Cory. “What interested me in the BBA program was the opportunity to learn about what makes us as consumers make the decisions that we do.” 

For Cory, the highlight of his time at CBU was winning the Men’s Soccer National Championships in 2017. “Seeing the community get behind a sports team the way Cape Bretoners did for us was something I’ll never forget,” he says. “That’s one of the things I’ll miss most about CBU; the friendly faces around campus and the support we received along the way.” 

One thing Cory wants future students to know is that it’s important to come into their university experience with an open mind. “There are so many different opportunities and cultures bundled into this tight-knit place,” he says. “Try to embrace it and you’ll come out richer for the experience.” For Cory, his own university experience was amplified by the support he received from the campus community at CBU. “I would like to give a special shout out to Allen Britten, Elaine MacNeil and Alexis Manley. They have always taken an interest in my development and helped me through some tough times. It’s really empowering when you don’t just feel like another number.” 

 As Cory’s time at CBU comes to an end, he finds himself taking more time than usual to reflect on the past few years. “This is a bittersweet ending to my time at CBU. We won’t have the same experience that many university graduates have, but it gives us more time to reflect on the great experiences that have led us to this point,” he says. “I am extremely grateful for all that CBU has done for me as an athlete and an academic. The Island will always hold a special place in my heart.” 

We look forward to watching with pride as Cory goes on to excel in his career as a Wanderer. It might be the only time we’re okay with him wearing blue instead of orange!