Internship Opportunities and IT Expertise – Meet Shilpa Rajan

Moving from one side of the world to the other is no easy task. Here at Cape Breton University, we are so proud of the courage students have in themselves to move to another country to further their academic goals. For CBU student, Shilpa Rajan, the transition was made easier after earning the opportunity to apply her five years of IT experience to an on-campus internship role with CBU’s Department of IT Services. 

Toward the end of the Fall 2023 semester, Shilpa, who is now in her final semester of a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Analytics, secured an intern position as the IT Research and Policy Analyst. “My internship has been an incredibly rewarding experience so far,” says Shilpa. “Since I have five years of IT experience from back home in India, I have been able to apply my expertise, along with the academic skills I have gained at CBU, to this role.” 

Shilpa’s favourite part of the internship is the feeling of fulfillment she gets seeing the policies she’s drafted make a positive impact on CBU’s Department of IT Services, and by extension, CBU as a whole. 

For Shilpa, student internships play a vital role in the student experience, as they provide practical skills and excellent networking opportunities. She feels building a strong academic foundation and creating a professional network with professors and coordinators is the key to success. “For any students looking to secure an internship, my advice would be to remain consistent, but remember to prioritize your studies over anything else,” Shilpa explains. “Most importantly, don’t get discouraged by rejection. Just keep applying until you find the right opportunity.” 

Throughout Shilpa’s journey at CBU, she is lucky to have received help and inspiration from many people on- and off-campus, including family, friends and many CBU employees. Shilpa would specifically like to mention Peter Oyedijo, Student Placement Officer; Dr. Enayat Rajabi, Associate Professor of Business Analytics; Dr. Sahand Ashtab, Associate Professor, Supply Chain Management; and Dr. Tasquia Mizan, Shannon School of Business. “They have helped me gain valuable research experience and provided guidance throughout my academic journey,” says Shilpa. “Their support has been crucial in helping me navigate challenges and achieve my academic goals.” 

Shilpa already has big plans following her graduation from CBU. “After graduation, I am looking forward to securing a full-time position in a well-regarded organization where I will be able to apply my newly acquired business analytics skills, along with my IT expertise,” she shares. “I aspire to work in a challenging role where I can learn every day and solve complex problems as often as possible.” 

On behalf of Cape Breton University, we wish Shilpa the best of luck as she prepares for graduation and enters the next phase of her professional journey!

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