Influencing Before the Trend: Meet Lesley Carter

A Bucket List You Don’t Want To Miss

When Sydney Mines’ Lesley Carter graduated from CBU with a Bachelor of Education in 2004, she planned to teach in public school for the rest of her career. She intended fully on shaping the minds of tomorrow and taking summer vacations to places she found interesting. Her skillset of writing and educating were great for her career as a teacher, but soon became an avenue to a lifelong dream.

Lesley leveraged her talents of blog writing and social media and has since visited more than 100 countries and has been in every continent around the world. She has made a career and a life out of traveling and ticking off items on her bucket list.

After discovering her passion for writing while at CBU, Lesley started a blog on traveling, well before blogging was trendy. Her writing guided people on how to travel, where to travel and what to accomplish. Her writing became wildly popular and once she started sharing her life on Instagram, she found her place. Lesley now has more than 860,000 followers on Instagram who read about her advice regularly. She is paid to travel and experience different cultures, food and adventures while brands pay her to share their products to her audiences.

Lesley’s bucket list has been both bold and ambitious. She’s taken part in some daring and exciting adventures including racing Formula One cars, skydiving, performing aerobatics in a biplane, swimming with great white sharks, sailing on tall ships and piloting a fighter jet.

Now that she has two children, Lesley is aiming to check off a bucket list of adventures for them too. Recently, her main bucket list goal was to make her son, Max, the youngest child to visit every continent around the world.

Max is almost three years old and is more well-travelled than most adults. Lesley has had this dream since before Max was even born and has made him her travel buddy ever since.

Max has already been to every continent, and at the end of February, boarded Celebrity Cruises’ Infinity cruise for a 14 Night Antarctica cruise that visits Argentina, Falkland Islands, Uruguay and Antarctica.

Lesley has not only turned her passion for travel into a lifestyle, but has taught others how to do the same. She spends her days exploring and visiting some of the world’s brightest and best spots and encouraging others to adventure as well. Her time at CBU has helped shape how she takes on life’s most exciting challenges.

Her passion for education has led her to continue life-long learning. Lesley now holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History from Dalhousie, a Bachelor of Education degree from CBU and a Master of Arts degree from Winnipeg University.

As if that was not enough, and to make travel a bit more accessible, Lesley has achieved a pilot’s license and captain’s license.

To learn more and follow along on her travels, visit: and follow along on her Instagram page.