Here for Your First Steps – Meet WOW Leaders Chika Gervase Iwuji and Fred Eduam

Chika Gervase Iwuji

Week of Welcome (WOW) is CBU’s official welcome to the Caper family. At the start of every new semester, school orientations, activities and events are held to welcome the latest cohort of students from all around the world. Throughout the week, students learn about the many supports, resources and services available to them, while exploring the CBU campus and surrounding communities.

Many employees and current students lend a hand during WOW and the event’s success would certainly not be possible without their help. Some of the biggest contributors are WOW Leaders –  current students who volunteer to guide new students through the first steps at CBU. Two of this year’s WOW Leaders are Chika Gervase Iwuji and Fred Eduam.

Chika is originally from Imo State, Nigeria, and will be entering the final semester of his Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Management this Fall. This will be his third time taking on the role. “Being a WOW Leader is a cool opportunity to share your own stories and help others through an exciting, but sometimes scary, time in their lives,” says Chika. “It feels good to be someone people can look up to during this big change and it really helps make the University feel like a friendly place.”

Fred Eduam

Fred, who is a WOW Leader for the second year in a row, hails from Ghana and will graduate from the Post-Baccalaureate in Healthcare Management this May. “I love shaping students’ experiences and making them feel at home,” says Fred. “I want to try and empower them by passing along various tools, tricks and knowledge while I strive to inspire them with my experiences here and who I have grown to be.”

Chika first became interested in being a WOW Leader after being impressed by the support he received and the sense of community created by another WOW Leader during his orientation as a new student. Fred had already been actively involved in the student community as a Peer Success Mentor and the President of the Music Society when the opportunity to be a WOW Leader came up.

Chika says talking to WOW Leaders can help improve a student’s first experience with CBU because they are helpful, experienced and friendly peers who can help show students around, answer questions and give support. “WOW Leaders are there to service the students, help them feel at ease, share tips and assist in making connections,” he says. Fred adds that being a WOW Leader is an opportunity to help new students feel at home. “We hope the interaction will help students get excited to embrace the full CBU and Cape Breton experience,” he says. 

WOW for the Spring/Summer semester is now upon us, and we would like to wish each new student a very hearty welcome and the best of luck!

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